About us

At AMAYA SPORT we have been manufacturing sports equipment for more than 55 years. Several generations of rhythmic gymnasts and coaches from over 100 countries, guarantee the quality of our Rhytmic Gymnastics products.

Working closely with the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), we are in continuous growth and development. The new technologies of production developed by engineers in permanent training and the new materials developed by AMAYA SPORT help the rhythmic gymnasts find in our balls, clubs, ropes, hoops or ribbons the best partner to make the best moves. This is only achieved with a strict control of each material and manufacturing process in our facilities of more than 10.000 m2 in Spain.

All our competition apparatus are FIG approved, making us one of the few manufacturers authorised to produce this equipment. The training line is designed for younger gymnasts to familiarise with the apparatus in the most effective and affordable way.

AMAYA SPORT unites the past and the future of Rhythmic Gymnastics being a world leading manufacturer .

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